LAS BALKANIERAS are back with a brand nju single and video. This time they hijacked MILLION STYLEZ’ signature song MISS FATTY and turned it into a propper “Balkan Dancehall” anthem. Performed on the original 2006 instrumental this one should YUnite the Balkan diaspora as well as the real Dancehall fanatics.

FATIMA is the typical Balkan-Village-Bizniz-Woman. FATIMA does everything by herself. She has a lot of kidz, is very strong, very pretty, and of course makes the best Burek all around. She even does the Burek-yufka – the dough Burek is made of – by herself! She is the dream of MUJO and HASO. But also every other Pitbull in the village is in love with her. But don’t mess around with FATIMA!

LAS BALKANIERAS currently preparing a string of singles to be released throughout this year and just started to go on the road again with upcoming shows in Germany, the UK, Sweden.


Video “Las Balkanieras – Fatima (Miss Fatty Balkan Cover)” on YouTube

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Title: Fatima (Miss Fatty Balkan Cover)
Artiste: Las Balkanieras
Format: Single (Digital)
Label: Germaica Digital
Producer: Million Stylez & Master L
Master: Tobi Fresh for dubplaterescue.com
Release: March 15th 2013
Distributor: finetunes


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