Here we go with a brand new song of LAS BALKANIERAS. As you might already guessed the biggest concern of the ladies is food. Food for themselves to perform good, food for their audience to feel good and food for each and everybody to live good. Plus they’re on a mission to convince the world of Balkan specialities and so this one is dedicated to all Burek fans all over the world! Burek (Turk.: Börek) is a pastry made of a thin flaky dough – the yufka - filled with cheese, minced meat, or vegetables and one of the essentials of the Balkan cuisine. Once there is Burek in the house you don’t have to worry about anything… ”Don’t Worry Eat Burek” is the follow up single to “Fatima (Miss Fatty Balkan Cover” the most successful LAS BALKANIERAS single to date.

The instrumental was provided by BRUCE MISSILE. The German Nu Funk, Ghetto Funk and Breaks Artiste is known for his wicked Hip Hop-Reggae Mash Ups. Started only 1 1/2 years ago the DJ and Re-Rubber quickly became a favourite on Spinforth’s Soundcloud Scour on the reknowned Ghettofunk label site. He also has appeared countless times in the Nu Funk Round Up and recently was featured as final tune of  the month long relaunch campaign of the Free Breaks blog. ”Don’t Worry Eat Burek” is BRUCE MISSILEs first official production and release ever.

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Title: Don’t Worry Eat Burek
Artiste: Las Balkanieras
Producer: Bruce Missile for Germaica Digital
Format: Single (Digital)
Label: Germaica Digital
Distr.: Download
Release: Nov20 2013


Link Up:

Bruce Missile on soundcloud

Bruce Missile on fejsbuk

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